Online Presence Analysis

The Online Presence Analysis lets us look into how your business is doing online. We will look at your website design, functionality, and content. We will also look into your ideal keywords and locations in respect to your competitors in relation to your competition. We will analyze your web presence in great detail, so that you will ultimately be able to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses.

Show up above your competition

Over 30% of all websites on the internet today are based on the WordPress platform. Here’s some of the reasons why.

The beginning of your strategy.

Through an active online presence, you will increase visibility and build your brand’s reputation. This allows you to reach out to potential visitors who continue to inquire about your products and services.
In order to see exactly where your brand stands with its online presence in your industry, we offer what we call an Online Presence Analysis.

The Importance of Analysis

If you have never monitored your presence on the Internet to see how well your marketing activities are working, you should do one now to set a baseline for measuring your improvement over the next few months.
As you increase your visibility, great things can happen for your business. What have I missed? Is there something else we should include in this analysis? let us know how well you are doing.

On-page and Off-page analysis

Look at your website to see any SEO errors such as broken links

Competitor Analysis

We'll run software to tell you how your closest competitors are performing

Social Media Presence

We'll show you shortcuts on how to easily increase your Social Media posts

Website Traffic Analysis

Looking at your Google Analytics data can tell me a lot about what improvements are needed

Keyword Research

Combining your local city name + main industry terms is what we need to rank for.

Consistent Branding

It goes without saying, but it's crucial to have the same logo and info on all directories.

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Social Media Marketing

Implement a content marketing schedule for your social media channels to promote website blog posts, and re-target website visitors with video ads

Facebook Marketing & Ads

Local SEO

Local SEO allows businesses to improve their branding, positively engage with their community, increase customer loyalty and secure higher conversion rates.

Local SEO Company

Conversion Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the process of going through your analytics to find what improvements need to be made to give you maximum ROI

CRO Strategies

Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management can help boost sales by removing bad reviews or burying any legal problems that are showing up in Google.

Online Reputation Management

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